Shock Results – Electrical Safety Survey in South Leeds

In July 2017, Ledgard Consulting conducted a survey among local businesses in South Leeds, the results were shocking…..a massive amount of ignorance to what has to be done to comply with Health & Safety legislation!

Local Business Survey Results:

A tour around 30 shops and local business in South Leeds to inquire about PAT Testing:

  • 3 shops said they had it sorted, although none had any stickers on appliances
  • 26 shops had no clue what we were talking about.
  • 1 shop did say he did need it doing and was waiting for his electrician to get back to him.

A very poor state of affairs when 87% of the survey resulted in ‘NO CLUE’...granted most of these were shops and I would accept that a similar survey among small factories, workshops the results may well be more favorable. One shop owner stated that “…the insurance company don’t ask for it, so no need to bother”……

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