Computers in Everyday Life


This course is designed to enable learners to obtain the skills and confidence to use their own computer to make life a little easier.

  • The Computer:
    • Understanding the parts of the computer
    • Using the mouse and keyboard
    • Opening and closing windows
  • The Internet:
    • How to get on-line,
    • Internet browsers
    • Searching using Google and other search tools
    • Downloading safely
  • Email:
    • What is email?
    • Creating an email address
    • Accessing, sending and receiving emails
    • Sending files and photos
  • Word-processing:
    • Writing letters & documents
    • Saving files
    • Formatting
  • Social Media:
    • Understanding Social Media (eg, Facebook, Twitter)
    • Creating an account, linking up with friends
    • Keeping private and privacy settings
  • Cameras and Computers:
    • Connecting your camera and computer
    • Saving your photos, backing up, editing photos
  • Personal Web Sites:
    • Making web sites for yourself or an organisation
    • Inserting content, sharing it with others
  • Keeping Safe:
    • How to keep safe on line, choosing an Anti-Virus System,
  • Shopping on-line:
    • How to shop on line confidently and safely