Get to Grips with Your New Laptop

We can give you the confidence to use your new laptop with ease. Starting it up, setting up your WiFi, connecting your printer or camera. How to communicate with your friends, Facebook, Skype, Email.

Getting to Grips with your new Laptop, (or….Computer, Smartphone or Tablet)


A course designed for the new laptop user and how get the most out of it including linking with a  Smartphone or Tablet

Course Outline:

  • Initial set uplaptop
    • Connect you to the Web
    • Web Browsers
    • Safe Downloading and installing
    • Configure your email
      • Using popular web mail systems
      • Configuring Email Clients
  • Using a word processor
    • Creating Documents and Letters
    • Saving Documents and Files
    • Printer set up
  • Connecting your Digital Camera
    • Transfer photos
    • Saving and backing up securely
  • Phones & Tablets
    • ANDROID System
      • Linking to your Google Account
    • APPLE: iPhone & iPad
      • Using iTunes

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