‘Getting on-line’ for the Beginner


This course is designed for the complete beginner, someone who has never touched a keyboard before and who needs to acquire the knowledge to enable use of a computer to:

Search for jobs, apply for help and benefits, send emails to friends and family, join social networks, find free and affordable products and shop securely and confidently on-line. Effective job hunting needs to be done on-line nowadays, plus the internet and open up all sorts of savings, from comparing tariffs for electricity to buying on-line from large retailers to using eBay and the Freebie and swop sites on Facebook

Course Outline:

  • The Computer: understand the parts of the computer and how to use the keyboard and mouse
  • Windows: Moving around the desktop, opening and closing windows and menus
  • Connecting to the internet, opening a web browser, search the internet
  • Explore the internet, look at some popular sites
  • Set up an email account and be able to send and receive emails
  • Set up Government Gateway Account
    • How to login to the job search Universal Jobmatch site
    • Using other job search sites
    • Register and login to job sites and company sites
  • How to shop on-line, find and join freebie & swop sites
    • How to buy or reserve goods from a High Street Retailers Web Site
    • How to bid, buy & sell on eBay
    • How to login to Leeds Freecycle
    • How to use the Facebook ‘Swops and Freebies’ Pages
    • How to be confident in paying securely on-line
  • Social Media:
    • Join Facebook and other social media sites
    • Keep in touch with friends
    • Like Organisation pages