Using Your Computer


This course is designed for the person who has operated a computer before or those who own a Computer (Laptop or Desktop) but is unsure of how to use it effectively. It covers both Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Course Outline:

  • Understanding the file management system of the computer
    • Types of files, extension names
    • Moving and coping files
    • Memory Sticks
    • CD & DVD Drives
    • Camera Memory cards
    • Sending files by email
  • Downloading from the Internet
    • Software packages
    • Images
    • Music
  • Installing software packages
  • Control Panel Basics
    • User accounts
    • Power Management
    • Un-installing Software
  • Word Processing
    • Creating, saving
    • Basic Formatting of documents
    • Printing and printer set up
  • Photo Editing
    • Photo organising tools
    • Editing photos