Digital Slide and Print Transfer Service

Preserve those precious memories

We all have somewhere a box or envelope of old photographs that were handed down from your parent, possible even from their parents!!  The longer you leave them the more chance there is for them to become damaged or lost forever.

or…you may have a box or two of old colour slides, taken when the colour slide was the first choice for quality in the days before digital cameras. In the day slides were a great medium, however, over time they do deteriorate, some faster than others if not stored in specifically sealed boxes.  

We at Ledgard can offer a slide and print service so you can preserve those precious memories before it is too late at a reasonable cost.

Slide scanning from 20p per slide (click to jump to Slide page)
Small print scanning (up to 5 x 7 from 10p, larger up to A4 size 25p) (click to jump to print page)