Employment Skills Training and Support


A service to support users of  the Job Shop, Library or Open Access / Internet Cafes to assist with basic computer operations. i.e., emails, saving, printing, attaching CV’s and letter to emails and job applications


  • IT. Skills
    • Managing emails
    • Searching and applying for jobs using:
      • Universal Job Match
      • Other job sites
    • Copy and Pasting cover letters into on-line application
  • CV Creation
    • Mapping out a CV (use of concept mapping techniques)
    • Creating a CV on WORD
    • Tailoring CV’s for specific roles and jobs
  • Cover Letter Creation
    • Mapping out a generic cover letter / reasons for application
    • Tailoring for specific job /roles
    • Tailoring to specific person specification requirements
  • Application forms
    • Matching job spec to skills
    • Completing the application
  • Interviews
    • Preparation
    • Practice interviews