Event Planning and Management


A Course designed to walk through the process of organising an event, from a small evening show to a large full day Gala or Festival.

Course Outline:

  • Types of Events
    • Understanding the characteristics of different types of events
    • Choosing a venue, inside or outside
  • Funding the event
    • Fundraising Methods
    • Grant Funding
      • Writing a successful bid
  • Public Relations
    • Types of publicity
    • Creating the PR materials
    • Getting the message out
  • Security
    • Why do I need security?
    • Managing Security
  • Insurance
    • What insurances do I need?
    • Where do I get it from?
  • Rules, Regulations, Licenses & Legislation
    • Understanding the legal requirements
    • Types of Licenses


Assignment: Create a plan for an event (Optional)


Certificate of Achievement with assessment

Certificate of Attendance without assessment