Managing Finance


A guide to electronic bookkeeping and computerised estimates and invoices

A course designed to show how small business or organisation can keep track of their ongoing finances using a spreadsheet package. Create and track Invoices and Estimates using a freely available software system, both of which are backed up on-line.

Course Outline:

  • Keeping Records
    • Spreadsheet principals
    • Managing the spreadsheet
    • Linking separate sheets
    • Adding and deleting lines
  • Creation of expense and income categories
    • Adding and deleting categories
  • Creating the Summary & Balance Sheet
  • Setting up the invoicing system
    • Adding customer records
    • Adding Product details
  • Estimates & Invoices
    • Setting up customised template
    • Adding customers and products
    • Applying discounts
    • Sending to customers
    • Accepting estimates
    • Receiving payments
  • Backing up on-line


Assignment (Optional)


Certificate of Achievement with assessment

Certificate of Attendance without assessment