Computers for the Small Business or Organisation

A Course for the Small Business or Community Organisation

Pre-requisites: is a First Level Course which includes: Basic PC skills, understanding of MS Windows, access the internet, use of email, basic file management techniques.


Objectives: To gain an understanding as to how to maximise the use of a computer and free software packages within an organisation or club environment. The complete course is divided into modules, which can be taken consecutively or separately with each having an optional test so as to convert an attendance certificate into a passed certificate. Although it is aimed at software packages which are readily available, it also include the popular packages ie, MS Office Suite and the similar free open source versions which are universally deployed.

Learning outcomes:

  • Gain an understanding within each topic with practical examples and exercises, relevant to the use within an organisation or club.
  • The optional end of module test of understanding either by multiple choice questions or a larger structured assignment.

Pre Module Revision:

  • Understanding delegates existing skill and experience
  • Revision of basic skills as required

Club / Organisation activities:

  • Gain understanding of the various activities and examples where the computer could be used within a club, organisation or small business, understand what delegates want to achieve.

Module 0: Revision of Basics:

  • Windows file structure, file and folder management
  • Memory Sticks
  • Hard Drives
  • Using two separate screens and/or projector

Module 1: Domain Names:

  • Understanding different domain name extensions, examining the new forthcoming batch of top level domains which are being released
  • How to choose the correct domain name for your organisation
  • Registering domain names and taking over control of existing domains
  • Managing a domain name, the role of NOMINET and using the WHOIS Database

Module 2: Email: [Hotmail, Ymail, Gmail, Livemail, Outlook, Thunderbird]

  • Creating email accounts
  • Links to domain name
  • Linking email addresses together
  • The ‘Web mail’ or ‘email client’ debate
  • Managing multiple email addresses, filtering, forwarding and polling other addresses
  • Keeping passwords safe and secure

Module 3: Word Processing: [Word, Libreoffice, Openoffice, Soft office]

  • Document formats, (DOC, DOCX, PDF, TXT)
  • Create a letter template, adding LOGO’s, use of headers and footers
  • Creating Agendas & Minutes, Invoices & Estimates templates, use of autosave
  • Creating Controlled Documentation, i.e. rules, processes, working documents, working instructions

Module 4: Digital Photography: [Picasa3, Fotor, Flikr]

  • Understanding the camera and functions and memory cards
  • Digital Photos: Saving for use on Web, posters, leaflets
  • Basic editing (cropping, enhancing, changing pixel size)
  • Protecting your photos, backup systems and on-line albums

Module 5: Desk Top Publishing: [Page Plus SE]

  • Wordprocessing  v  Desk Top Publishing
  • Leaflet and Poster design, enhancing for Ink Jet, web, and commercial printing
  • Creating a newsletter and folded publications
  • Effective use of clip art and images, pitfalls between printed and web published material
  • Clipping images from the desktop screen, PDF to JPEG conversion

Module 6: Spreadsheets: [Excel, Libre, Open, Soft]

  • Basic understanding, what are they used for, how are they used
  • Basic lists, sorting
  • Basic accounting, use of formulas to calculate fields
  • Using amd linking multiple tabs in a workbook
  • Exporting into other software

Module 7: Presentations:

  • Creating and displaying information using presentation software
  • Using templates, transitions and animations
  • Creating Handout pages and Notes Pages

Module 8: Web Sites: [Weebly]

  • Creation of a web site, linking to domain names
  • Types of pages: Basic, Gallery, Contact
  • Uploading photos, videos, linking to social media, (Facebook [Groups and pages] / Youtube / Blogs)

Module 9: Data Protection: [Safehouses, Picasa web albums, Google drive, Mega, Dropbox, Leeds11]

  • Data security (secure files / passwords)
  • Backing up data (local / cloud)
  • Memory Sticks
  • DVD’s
  • External Hard Drives