Android Tablet Course in Alwoodley

Following on the success of the iPad course last year, we have had a great start to
the Android Tablet Course at Alwoodley Community Centre for MEACare. Unlike iPads, which are all veandroid-logo2ry much similar in operation. Android as an Operating System comes in many flavours and versions, but it also has a number of different manufacturers and the tablets do not always work exactly the same in terms of menus, controls etc.  This makes for very interesting and interactive sessions. Looking forward to next Tuesday, hopefully we will have some photos…..

Digital Photography & Video Taster Courses

Ideal for the Community group or Youth Organisation

compact nikoncamera touch screen

4 week taster course: 2 hrs per week day or evening:               1. Using Digital Camera, 2. Using a Digital Video Camera,     3. Creating a Photo Project, 4. Linking Cameras to the Computer. 

Digital Photography or Video Making: these programmes are being currently updated, but they can be tailored to your suit your specific needs.

Includes using dedicated cameras or smartphones only. Covers the camera and its features, composition, shooting techniques, a creating digital project, connecting to the computer, digital editing and production. 

Just give us a call…….079020 104064 and discuss your

Graduation of students on iPad Course at MAECare

Steve delivered a 6 week iPad for Beginners Course for MAECare in June. The course was very accessable and Steve made sure that it was pitched at the correct level for our membecert presentationrs. The participants found the course to be very instructive but fun. One of our particuipants feedback: “The trainer was approachable and sensitive to the requirements of the students”. We are planning to use Steve again to deliver future training. Barbara, of MAECare, June 2016 

Happy Global Families Speaking English Class Presentations

This week we were able to present certificates to a group of the ladies who completed the Speaking English Course provided by Ledgard Consulting, at Beeston Village Community Centre.  The photograph shows some of the 15 students from many countries, including  China, Sri Lanka, Russia, Moldavia,  all who successfully passed the Level 1 Course which was led by Tutor Joyce Horsbrough.

Global Happy Families is a group of ladies who meet each week for breakfast, conversation and some activity which will help improve skills for everyday life. Last term Ledgard Consul2-English July 16ting provided a six week basic computer course and this term, the same ladies, who were joined by many others embarked on a six week ‘Speaking English’ Course.

The course is designed for those who use English as a second language and each week a different scenario is looked at. Examples are: Transport in all forms, cars, buses, trains etc; Medical Matters, going to the doctor, dentist, health clinic, hospital etc; and  School, what children learn, parents’ evenings, terms children will use about school etc.  The scenarios based learning technique is a mixture of photographs, key words, pronunciation and also an understanding of the scene itself. For example the Post Office scenario, would include key terms used in a Post Office but also what services are available, i.e, 1st Class and 2nd Class post, special delivery, signed for parcels, envelope sizes etc  and other services that are complex to understand or explain.

The Level 2 course is booked for September and all the students are looking forward to that.


Preserve those precious memories- dont loose those old photos!

Many people these days have an old shoe box filled with old photographs that their parents left them, perhaps it has benn filled more recently with more prints from when the children were growing up!!!  What is these prints get damaged or lost, they are gone forever. Ledgard Consulting can now provide protection for those precious memories.
We can scan prints, colour slides, negatives (35mm and 120), store them digitally and provide you with a DVD or memory stick, including an online backup for 12 months if required.
We are also able to restore old and damaged prints, remove scratches etc (subject to the amount of damage)
We have competative prices and there is no minimum charge, no job too small, although a delivery cost may be incured.

Free Digital Tutorial Videos now on the clients page

Ledgard Consulting also undertakes the teaching of digital photography as part of the committment to all things TECH. To this end, we are creating a series of short lessions for beginners to the world of photography. These are intended to accompany a 30 min talk on the subject in question.  All the images used in the slides are taken from royalty free via the web, however, as time goes on, we are going to ask the photoclub members to contribute and make it into a community built resource. The quality of the Youtube Video is not as good as we would like, we are looking at different ways to record it going forward. Plus a few tweeks on the slides to do as yet, but a good starter. The video link is below.